The kitchen drawers


Step 1: Everything out of the drawers!

Start by removing everything from the drawers, and throw out any old food scraps. Make sure everything is sorted and cleared out.

Step 2: Clean

When you have lifted everything out of the drawers anyway, make sure to swing the vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth before you fill the drawers again.

Step 3: Create a system

Divide your things into zones. For example preserves, dressings, onions, dry goods, etc. Things that you use regularly must of course be placed at the front and be easily accessible.

Step 4: Fill the boxes

Now that you have established a system, fill the boxes with your food items/things.
Our wooden boxes provide a good overview and are also aesthetics for the soul.

An organized home generally creates an overview and a much greater profit in everyday life.
We promise it will be worth it once the system is created!

If you have any questions, we are always ready to help.

REMEMBER: It is a good idea to measure your kitchen drawers before you order your wooden boxes home. All kitchens are different. Fortunately, the boxes can be turned, rotated and stacked as you see fit.

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