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Spice jars

Do you also have a lot of spices lying around in drawers and cupboards, both in jars and bags? And do you also sometimes stand in the supermarket and wonder whether you have more pepper at home? Yo...


Spice Stairs

To organize your spices, we have two spice ladders in two different sizes. Then you also have the perfect solution for storing your spice jars. Both stairs give a nice look in your kitchen, and you...

Letvægtskasser i træ

Lightweight wooden boxes

Our lightweight wooden boxes are available in four different sizes and shapes, and can be used anywhere in the home. All the boxes are stackable and practical in both cupboards and drawers, on she...

Dea Kudibal - FØR OG EFTER


KITCHEN When we visited Dea, she had a great desire to organize her kitchen cupboard and create structure. We started by sorting and organizing her dry goods into storage jars and containers . ...

Back stock

Back stock

What do you do with the leftover bags after organizing all your dry goods? 🪄Regardless of which storage series you choose, it can almost never be completely avoided that you end up with a tiny "bac...

Kom og oplev vores produkter

Come and experience our products

Do you want to experience élé living's products in physical form? So it is now possible in the showroom at Hancrafted Interior in Aarhus and Hellerup respectively. Here is a selection of élé living...



When we visited Ditte Julie, she had almost just moved into her new house. Ditte Julie had a great desire from the start to create structure in both the fridge, drawers and kitchen cupboards.

Carla Mickelborg – Før & efter

Carla Mickelborg – Before & after

At Carla's home, the biggest challenge was a lack of space, a lack of overview and far too many of the same open dry goods, in half-empty bags. In just one hour, we cleaned out and sorted.


The kitchen drawers

Step 1: Everything out of the drawers! Start by removing everything from the drawers, and throw out any old food scraps. Make sure everything is sorted and cleared out.

Sådan organiserer du dit køleskab

How to organize your fridge

Lack of overview? Food waste? Frustration with clutter? Almost all of us access our fridge several times a day, and there is nothing worse than being greeted by a fridge that has been crammed to...

Organiser: Step by step

Organize: Step by step

Step 1: Sort and clean up The perhaps a bit boring, but necessary part, is of course to start by getting everything sorted and cleaned out. Throw out what has become too old or that you no longe...