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Why do clutter and disorder affect us negatively? And what does it really mean to have an organized home? We help you find out more about that here.

Our philosophy of an organized home is rooted in the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. In short, feng shui is about creating a harmonious interaction between people and our surroundings. When we live in harmonious surroundings, we have a more harmonious existence.
In feng shui, there are several different principles, and one of them is about a tidy interior and organization. A messy and overcrowded home creates disharmony and stands in the way of the good energy flow flowing freely in the home. Therefore, we must try to create some frameworks where mess is simply difficult to create - e.g. by organizing at home.

How does clutter affect us as humans?
Clutter affects our well-being. As simple as that can be said. Research indicates that we are influenced by our surroundings, and if they contain a lot of clutter, we will more easily experience feeling pressured, unfocused and feel a sense of powerlessness or a lack of overview.
There is no one who can live an entire life without messing up and it is not the case that messing up is forbidden either. There is just a difference between which kind of clutter is tolerable and which you should get rid of in order to fill everyday life with joy and profit.

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Once a system – always a system
The 'bad' clutter is, among other things, what you have had lying around in your clutter drawers for ages. It's messy in the attic, in the boxes under the bed and the half-empty bags that are gathering dust in the large kitchen drawers. The 'bad' clutter is usually the stuff you don't really need but haven't gotten rid of (yet).
The more acceptable mess that does not fill us with negative energy is the mess that is moving forward in the system. It could be the toys on the floor, the work bag in the entrance hall or the jacket that is placed over the dining table chair. All clutter that is quickly moving on to their permanent seats.
This is precisely why it is important to furnish your home with several different storage and organization solutions that make it easy to both put things in place and clean up. Fixed spaces in the home minimize clutter in all its simplicity, and with very few and simple measures, you give clutter very difficult living conditions.

When you have a home that is organized and doesn't contain all the things you don't need, the overview is already much better and less messy. You don't take up unnecessary space with unnecessary things and you know where things belong. This is what we at élé living call a simple lifestyle.

What does it mean to have an organized home? And why does it affect us positively?
Seen more from above, having an organized home means that you create some framework where the good energy flow can flow freely.
An organized home is not just for looks. Of course it looks nice and tidy, but it is for your inner well-being that you need to organize. An organized home creates the overview you need and helps make everyday life and daily chores more efficient.

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This is how you get started
Many people are surprised at how little is actually needed to create an organized home. You don't have to finish the whole house at once, but you can instead start with one room or just one cupboard at a time. Many people start by organizing the kitchen, where we spend a lot of our time every day and where we also have many things (and mess drawers) to start with.
When you start sorting through your things and tidying up, you will quickly feel a satisfying feeling - not only in your mind, but also on your body. Among other things, it is the profit and the overview that returns and often, when people have started the very big clean-up project, it further inspires them to do something good for themselves, such as a healthier lifestyle.
At the same time, it is a good idea to think about what materials and elements you offer inside when organizing, if you want as calm and balanced an environment as possible. According to feng shui principles, the inclusion of natural elements will help create a light and positive energy flow. Therefore, you can look for storage and organization solutions that are made of wood, bamboo, glass and the like.
Many of our products contain precisely these materials and are also multifunctional and can be combined in different ways in the home.

Are you curious about how you can concretely get started with creating an organized home? Click here and read our tips and tricks on how you can kick-start your organization and how you can arrange the different rooms tips-tricks

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