About us

Élé is an abbreviation of élémentaire, which in French means simple or lightness. For us, it is about creating a simple lifestyle, where the home is not filled with more than what we need. On the other hand, we want to focus on peace and profit through our unique storage solutions, which help you keep an overview when everyday life rolls on. Your home is your base - this is where you need to recharge with good energy and live in harmony with your surroundings.

Élé living is a family-run business founded by the married couple Simone and Gamal. We both know what a simple lifestyle can bring of joy and profit and we want you to be allowed to experience the same. We share our best tips for creating an organized and harmonious home and try to inspire just you every day through our unique products and tailor-made storage solutions.
Élé living was founded in 2022 and today consists of a team of eight dedicated enthusiasts.

The idea behind élé living originated in my own home. When we became parents for the first time back in 2019, it wasn't just our family that grew. Our shopping habits did the same and at the same time we gained more square meters. More space became more clutter, which meant less overview and surplus in everyday life. We began to experience an everyday life that was suddenly filled with frustration over clutter, a lack of overview and where small everyday conflicts and chores filled up more and more.
Therefore, we made an active choice to create a simpler lifestyle. Our home should be the place where we can recharge our batteries and feel the peace sink into our bodies and minds. Through the philosophy of having a home with only the things we needed, together with some quite simple organizing tools and storage solutions, we were able to create a home in peace and balance, which today makes our everyday life run better.

There are several reasons why a more organized home creates a better overview and greater profits. Research unanimously points to the fact that we as humans are influenced by the surroundings in which we move on a daily basis, such as e.g. our home and workplace. If there is "disorder", mess and dirt, signals are sent to the brain that something is unfinished and our subconscious is affected negatively in the form of emotions such as powerlessness and lack of overview and profit.
If, on the other hand, it is tidy and organized, we will experience the opposite.
An organized lifestyle does not mean that you have to organize and clean up all the time. Once a system is established in e.g. the kitchen cabinet, it is easy to maintain and there is a wide range of advantages. Many of our customers find that they both throw away less food, have easier shopping habits and find it easier to keep the house clean and tidy, to name just a few examples.

For us, organization is not just a way of life, but our entire lifestyle, which we help many of our customers implement at home every day through our unique products. Many people find that it actually takes very little for the home to radiate the energy that makes us happy and gives us an overview and surplus in everyday life.

The mission is clear: We are here to help just you to have a more simple and organized lifestyle, with a focus on calmness, efficiency and more profit in everyday life.
Organization should be easy and please your inner esthetician.

Our products are priced so that the majority can participate and can easily create a home that creates well-being and light energy. This does not mean that we compromise on quality.

Do you have questions about products or interior design options? Then send us an email at info@eleliving.dk - we are here to help you.