Spice jars


Do you also have a lot of spices lying around in drawers and cupboards, both in jars and bags? And do you also sometimes stand in the supermarket and wonder whether you have more pepper at home? You are not the only one.

You quickly lose track of things when you have not organized your spices. Our spice jars help you keep a good overview and ensure that your spices are always close at hand. In addition, the spice jars also create a more uniform and aesthetic look in your drawers and cupboards or on your shelves. They are square, practical and easy to clean.

To make it even more clear, you can purchase our spice labels . They create an even better overview and complete the aesthetic expression of your kitchen. Our spice labels are available in two different designs, so you can choose which one you think looks best.

We also have expiry date labels for your spice jars, so you can keep track of how long the various spices can last. These are also the ones we use for, for example, dry goods and other foodstuffs, so that you don't forget when they expire.

The spice jars come with a gold-coloured screw lid and measure 4.5 x 4.5 cm.

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