Spice Stairs


To organize your spices, we have two spice ladders in two different sizes. Then you also have the perfect solution for storing your spice jars.

Both stairs give a nice look in your kitchen, and you can use them on the kitchen table, in the cupboard or in the drawer, for a better and more aesthetic overview of your spices. They are nice to have and display, and we hope they can inspire you to use even more spices in your cooking.

The smaller of the two stairs, spice ladder small, has room for 9 of our spice jars and measures: 8.9 cm x 25.4 cm x 22.2 cm.

The larger of the two stairs, the spice staircase large, can be adjusted in size and has space for between 18 and 30 of our spice jars. It measures: 10.8cm x 42.5cm (adjustable to 66.7cm) x 24.1cm.

They are both food-approved and in BPA-free plastic.

*Our spice ladders can also be used in the office, in the fridge or in the bathroom.

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