Carla Mickelborg – Before & after

Carla Mickelborg – Før & efter

At Carla's home, the biggest challenge was a lack of space, a lack of overview and far too many of the same open dry goods, in half-empty bags.
In just one hour, we cleaned out and sorted.

We poured the dry goods that Carla uses most in everyday life into storage jars, and then put on our fine labels. The glasses that we have used at Carla are square and can be stacked, thus optimizing the space in both drawers and cupboards.

We organized the remaining food items in our lightweight wooden boxes, which provide an incredibly good and aesthetic overview.

We also decorated the kitchen table with our popular acacia wood turntable, for a personal and more organic touch.

For Carla's kitchen we have used:

Find storage jars here
Find labels here
Find the wooden boxes here
Find turntable here

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