When we visited Ditte Julie, she had just moved into her new house. Ditte Julie had a great desire to create structure in both refrigerator, drawers and kitchen cabinets from the start.

We started by pouring all Ditte Julie's dry goods into storage jars and containers. Both are covered with our dry goods labels. To optimize space, we used our square stackable storage jars.

Furthermore, we used our wide lightweight wooden boxes for canned food, bread, crispbread, children's snacks and other "loose" items in the cabinet.

We poured Ditte Julie's spices into our spice jars with corresponding spice labels. It creates a much better overview and at the same time a more aesthetic expression in the kitchen cabinet.

All dry goods also received an expiration date label on the bottom of the jar.


To organize her refrigerator, we used one refrigerator box (size M) for each meal box. In addition, we used one box for vegetables and one box for cold cuts. To this, we used a revolving tray to collect all of Ditte Julie's sauces, dressings, and so on. With a revolving tray in the refrigerator, you get a much better overview of what you have in the refrigerator. As Ditte Julie said "it's always the stuff in the back that gets too old". She now avoids this.

Ditte Julie is happy with the result and has now optimized space in her kitchen, while also getting a much better overview of her things.

For Ditte Julie's kitchen, we used:

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