The story behind

At élé living, we sell aesthetic storage solutions that can be used all over the home. The idea behind élé living arose in my own home, in frustration with clutter, a lack of overview and inspiration for, among other things, cooking. As our family grew, so did our shopping habits and living space. More space became more clutter, but more square meters does not necessarily have to mean more things. Organizing has now become a way of life because we suddenly discovered all the benefits, such as significantly less food waste, inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, faster and easier clean-up, fewer conflicts and much more profit in everyday life.

Our mission with élé living is to pass on our best tips for a more organized lifestyle, where we do not fill the home with more than is needed. élé living creates aesthetics for the soul and at the same time wants to help provide a better overview, and thus greater profit in everyday life.

Welcome to élé living

With love, founder Simone Tajmer